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Newt: Less Freedom, More God

 Newt GingrichIn yet another brave effort to save the Constitution by destroying it, former House Speaker and ever-burgeoning presidential hopeful, Newt Gingrich, has called for a roll-back on free speech rights in America. All in the unholy name of terror exploiting the Internet to spread their message. Because it’s websites, not the Iraqi civil war, that’s recruiting Jihadis. Newt advocates an escalation of the American presence in Iraq, warning us that it’s “Victory or Death.”

His call for new limitations on civil rights came in a key note address to 400 of NH’s bold and beautiful at the Nackey S. Loeb First Amendment award dinner, a buttoned-down irony-free zone. Gingrich told the power-clatch that a "different set of rules" are necessary to ferret out al Qaeda on the Internet, and stop them from exploiting our inalienable right to free speech to advance their cause.

As a prelude to his coming presidential candidacy, Newt is in NH humping his new book, Rediscovering God in America (After a Lifetime of Serial Philandering and Corrupt Public Service). Huge built-in audience.

To top it off, in order to attend the Nackey S. Loeb First Amendment Award, anti-union Newt and everyone else had to cross a picket line put up by the Manchester Newspaper Guild outside the Radisson-Center of New Hampshire hotel, which represents150 employees at the New Hampshire Union Leader– including the editorial staff – where Nackey Loeb was the publisher, succeeding her husband William S. “Kissinger the Kike” Loeb. It’s an LBJ belly-incision situation – you just can’t make it stupider.


~Jack McEnany

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