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Why the Long Face, John?

John Kerry cartoonJohn Kerry stepped in it again. The guy just can’t do comedy. Why? Because he’s a stiff. When he beat former Republican MA Gov. Bill Weld in a nail-biter senate race in 1996,  he stepped to the podium to make his victory speech and said, “What a long strange trip it has been.” Because Weld is a Dead Head. Get it? Nobody else did either. They might have if he hadn’t pronounced “been” as “bean,” like some big-haired Thurston Howell III. The guy should never go for the laughs – except the unintentional kind, such as his 2004 presidential campaign. Now that was a real scream.

Look at the upside – this is Kerry’s Macaca moment, so he won’t be running for president anytime soon, or with luck, ever again.


 ~Jack McEnany

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