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Even Gary Bauer Gets it, Sort Of

Even Gary Bauer Gets it, Sort OfNow that the Democratic Congress has awakened from its six-year fitful slumber to re-engage in the political process, they’d do well to remember that half measures, false starts, and non-binding resolutions don’t add up to much leadership.

Ultra-conservative Religious Right leader Gary Bauer makes a good point when he says “If they truly believe the war is wrong, then they have an obligation to stop it, and they have the power to do so.”

Deliberative bodies move slowly by design, but in the case of the Bush War, they weren’t sent there by the voters last fall to wrap business-as-usual up in a prettier package. People want action, and not, as Bauer puts it, “A non-binding resolution – with all the force and impact of a press release!”

Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) is running for president and should be aware that the voters aren’t much interested in the “sense of the Senate.” We want the Senate to reflect the sense of the public, which would be to take meaningful steps to end the war. What possible point is there in sending Bush messages? If anything, he’s likely to do the opposite.

This is strictly a tone-deaf political gambit. Is there an echo in here? Because the anti-war message originated with the voters – we don’t need it back; we need action.

And if Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) thinks he’s earned any respect with his empty gesture to cap troops (legislation to start a withdrawal would make the troop surge moot), he’ll find out differently when he comes to NH to campaign for president next week. As Gary says, “Put up or shut up.”


~Jack McEnany

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