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Coulter Laffeyble

Ann Coulter cartoonAnn Coulter loves George W. Bush, and really, really doesn’t like (R-RI).

Here, according to her most recent article in Human Events, “They Shot the Wrong Lincoln,” are few reasons why:

“After Chafee's family money got him into Andover and Brown, he made his living shoeing horses for seven years. In fact, I've often wondered if an errant kick to the head by one of his charges would account for Chafee's rudimentary cognitive abilities’.

Coulter has him attending Phillips Andover, when he actually went to Phillips Exeter Academy – a small point for anyone except the development office at PEA, Chafee himself, and a journalist trying to get the facts right.

So, Linc is rich, and after the requisite preppie education, he went to the U of Montana to learn to be a farrier, and then spent the better part of a decade in the rich-kid wilderness, working as a blacksmith at harness racetracks around the US and Canada – not knee-walking drunk in Kennebunkport, not working on Alabama political campaigns when he was supposed to be serving in the Air National Guard, and not wasting other people’s money in failed get-rich-quick schemes.

Eventually, Chafee returned to RI, got elected to the Constitutional Convention, the Warwick City Council, and then Mayor of Warwick. Upon the death of his father, Sen John Chafee, he was appointed by the governor to serve the remainder of his term. Chafee was elected to a full term in 2000, beating former US Rep Robert Weygand (D-RI) 57% to 41% in the heavily Democratic state.  Despite not needing the Supreme Court to call the election for him, according to Coulter, Chafee is like Ned Lamont and all the other, “…silver-spoon morons who get ahead on the basis of family connections…”

 She writes this with no apparent irony, and yes, she’s certifiable.

But what’s even crazier is that the point of this personal attack is to bolster Chafee’s primary opponent, Cranston Mayor, and Human Events Online columnist, Steve Laffey. Because Chafee is too liberal to be a Republican, she says.

True enough, Laffey is more conservative than Chafee, but only in a purely Blue State way. Laffey has called for Sec’y of Defense Rumsfeld’s resignation, claims that Bush screwed the pooch in Iraq, and proudly told Chris Matthews, “I’m not a conservative,” adding that he wants to see solar panels on every roof in America.

Lacking any material evidence for her position – that Steve Laffey is the next big conservative thing – Coulter writes,

“Within two years, Laffey had raised Cranston's bond rating from the lowest in the country to investment grade, earning him the sobriquet "the anti-Dennis Kucinich."

She doesn’t mention that one of the ways he accomplished this was by firing the school crossing guards.

I thought the Dennis Kucinich reference read like a lie, so I Googled "the anti-Dennis Kucinich," and got exactly zero hits – compared to the 77,800 I got for “Steve Laffey.” So she’s not just crazy, she’s an unabashed bullshit artist as well. But you knew that.


~Jack McEnany

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